At Jonomea, we craft designs that we believe will resonate with our customers, bring a smile to their face or help them reach out in love and support to someone they care about.

To make these designs come to life, we print them on premium, everyday use products that our customers will find useful and applicable to their lives. 

All products we offer are made to order. This means that we print the design on the product after the order is received. This removes the need for us to stock a huge amount of inventory to cover the different colors and sizes we offer. It also gives us the opportunity to focus on making more designs and offering a lot more options for our customers.

On the plus side, this hugely reduces mass production and wastage and lets us offer customization on some of our designs. On the other hand, orders take a few more days to fulfill compared to if we had them mass produced in advance and stored in a warehouse. 

Our mission is to be in tune with what our customers love to wear so we always look forward to seeing what you love and making more of those. As a small business, it is important to us to keep in touch with you and serve in the best way we can.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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